If everything seems under control, you aren’t going fast enough. Agile can speed up your strategy development and execution – you can run fast and go deep at the same time!

By now most business leaders are familiar with agile innovation teams. Small, entrepreneurial teams are designed to stay close to customers and adapt quickly to a fast changing environment. Emerging from software development, agile methods and tools like sprints, backlogs and retrospectives have entered the business mainstream and have established themselves as an increasingly popular approach to accelerate product or service innovation and operating models. But the agile approach isn’t just for development and design anymore. Many companies have begun to realize that it can also be applied to a traditionally slow process: STRATEGY.

The development of organizational strategies has long been a domain of careful deliberation based on a maximum amount of information. A multi-stakeholder process designed to provide in-depth analysis and different perspectives to make balanced choices about the nature and direction of an organization. In a dynamic environment with increasing speed, growing scope and declining predictability of change, this old model no longer fits volatile, complex and uncertain times. In such disruptive marketplaces, the value of traditional strategy is diminishing.

Sure, the value of an in-depth analysis phase, comprehensive research, stakeholder interviews, scenario planning, and alignment are undisputed. But companies have less and less time for them. And how often have carefully designed multi-year strategic plans been developed only to become obsolete after a few months, or even weeks?

Here are our tailor-made solutions to identify, prioritize and address pain points related to Strategy: 

Strategy Development

Strategy is a framework of decisions that define the nature or an organization and its direction. 3E is your catalyst in setting a clear direction and common priorities for your organization. We facilitate the development of a strategy that builds on relevant external trends and is grounded in your organisations current situation.

Strategy Health Check

What are internal and external environmental assumptions upon which you base your decision making? What are their implications? What are products and services you will and will not offer?What are customers and end consumers you will and will not serve? What is your geographic scope? What is the basis of our competitive advantage and how sustainable is this over your strategic time frame? We assess your strategy and help you to evaluate what works, but also to identify, prioritize and address blind spots.

Strategy Execution Plan

From vision to action. We facilitate the development of a strategic master execution plan which lines out what needs to be done to achieve your strategic objectives, by when, by whom, in what time frame and within what budget. 

Strategy Execution

You don’t have the capacity in-house which is required to coordinate your strategy execution effectively and worry that you might not be able to deliver the change needed in a timely manner? In today’s business scenarios, outsourcing has become an inevitable business option. This allows businesses to achieve their goals and needs without a long set-up phase for building in-house capacity. Our consultants know from first hand experience what it means to turn strategic ideas into transformative change within a disruptive environment.