If you’re not innovating, you’re standing still and most likely your competitors are leaving you behind. Many organizations look to a small handful of creative experts to generate and lead on their innovation activities. Imagine if your entire organization by its very nature was able to contribute towards innovation

When you think of innovation, what comes to mind? What does it mean in your organization and where does it come from? How do you know if you do it well, or even do it at all? These questions might seem quite easy if you consider your products and people are already innovative, but chances are you may not be reaching your real innovation potential and an opportunity exits.

Innovation in itself is a process. Yes, it relies on people to generate an abundance of cool ideas, but more importantly, it is the journey that those ideas take.  Once generated, ideas must go through rigorous selection, before being further developed and ultimately commercialised… and most ideas simply don’t make the cut. There are a thousand NOs for every YES and all ideas are generally good ideas, but not all ideas are valuable to your organization at any given time.  Understanding your current innovation process is the first step to maximizing your potential.

The people in your organization are also key to the success of your innovation process. Knowing who is (or is not) routinely involved in the process can provide valuable insight into your innovation potential in particular. Empowered people, with a supportive organisational culture, are more willing to contribute their own ideas and collaborate in the development of others when they can see the added value they bring.

Underpinning your innovation process and your people must be the right tools and systems. Like any element of your business that you want to improve, you must first be able to measure it, and if you can measure it, then you can manage it. You likely already manage your company finances, legal contracts, technical support services and other areas of your business, so why not manage your innovation?  Choosing the right tools or system to support you in managing your innovation is just as important as having a process in the first place. There are a host of complicated innovation management tools in the marketplace, so finding the right one that works for your organisation in your setting is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

At 3E, our holistic approach is to ensure that people, processes, culture and systems are in sync. Innovation management relies very much on all four aspects and we have developed the following solutions to help you reach your potential:

Innovation Effectiveness Check-up

How well understood is innovation across your organization? Is it just a buzz word or do you have the process and structure in place to support a truly innovative workforce? We can provide an impartial assessment of your current innovation process and capabilities, helping you to identify gaps and create a plan to maximise your innovation effectiveness.

Creative Thinking in Innovation Workshops

You have many talented people across your organization that now want to get involved and start contributing more toward innovation initiatives. You could just invite them all to submit their ideas en masse, but would that really help? Probably not. 3E can help bring your teams onboard through design and facilitation of workshops to get people thinking ‘outside the box’ and shaping ideas that drive innovation forward.

Innovation Management Tools

Now that you have the right innovation process in place and the organization is aligned behind it, how will you make sure it continues to run as intended? You may be able to adapt or add onto existing IT systems, or you may need to look for something more bespoke. Being independent, we can help to assess your needs and facilitate the search for the optimum solution.