Ultimately, your organization’s value is just the product of quality, speed and execution of the decisions it makes.

Unfocused meetings. Competing priorities. Confusion over who gets to make the final call. These are often signs that your organization has poorly designed decision-making processes. An organisation’s ability to make effective decisions drives its performance. Speed, quality, outcome and effort are equally critical for decision making at all level of organizations, departments, teams and individuals. Rather than treating the symptoms, you can take on the root cause itself. 

Decision making across organizations remains a source of great frustrations for many leaders, despite decades of extensive research on the topic. Root cause for this symptom may be that approaches often zero in on the decision-maker, ignoring that decision making is a collective capability. Choices are made at the exact same time across vast networks of departments, functions and geographies. Setting priorities, allocating resources, resolving issues or crises — decisions that range from high to low risks, from strategic to tactical.

Designing, developing and establishing an organizational framework for decision making need to ensure that people, processes, organizational culture and systems are in sync. 

The basis for our support is a practical self-assessment tool, which is designed to assess a company’s ability and capacity to make decisions at strategic and operational levels, considering structure, people, processes, systems and organizational culture.

Our tailor-made solutions identify, prioritize and address pain points across these areas and include: 

Decision architecture

How clear is decision making across your organization? The design of better decision making processes are needed for your organization. Our self-diagnosis tool for organizational decision effectiveness helps you to identify pain-points in your organizational ability to make effective decisions. In a reorganization, decisions rather than structure should be the primary focus. With our DICE method, we facilitate and help to clarify and design roles and responsibilities in key decisions.

Decision Making Tools

Empowered, agile teams need RATIOnal processes for structured and balanced decision making. Together with CoThink, we design tailor-made trainings that provide your teams with the tools they need to prepare, make, communicate and document decisions effectively.