The world went literally into quarantine mode due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is an unprecedented crisis situation in terms of breadth and scale. The Corona virus has disrupted strategies and operating models with breathtaking speed. Without warning — and in many cases, without preparation— managers have been thrust into the position of leading virtual teams, many for the first time.

Is your strategy COVID-19 proof? What is the impact of Corona on your competitive advantage, markets, suppliers, etc. How does it affect your strategy?

Are your virtual teams today already effective and successful? What do you need to evolve and how? How can you use the time to the next wave to learn from the last months and prepare for the near future?

Over the last weeks, we have designed a set of field-tested products to support you in adapting to the new realities of business.

Second Corona wave or post Corona time – learn, prepare and evolve for the new business reality in the near future.

Starting from the strategic level down to daily operations, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of COVID-19 related services – based on our unique system approach – bringing people, processes, culture and systems in sync.

Our Products for your Corona response:

Do a quick Corona test on your strategy!

How does Corona impact internal and external environmental assumptions upon which you have based your current strategy?

What are the implications? What are products and markets you should prioritize? Does your business model need to change?

What is the impact on your competitive advantage in a post-Corona world?

Our COVID-19 Strategy Health Check® helps you to assess your strategy. 

We facilitate a process that helps you evaluating what works despite of Corona, but also identifying, prioritizing and addressing blind spots.

Identify new opportunities due to changed consumer behaviors and market developments.

The time to consider corrections in your strategy is now!

Boost the performance of your virtual teams!      

Did you move your teams towards home-office as a response to COVID-19? How effective is the team collaboration?

Agile principles can boost effectiveness of virtual teams. 

  • For Teams: Our online training and coaching programme virtual agile teams® (VAT) introduces step by step agile methods to your team. Our experienced coaches establish agile methodologies – web-based, interactive and on actual tasks.
  • For Individuals: Moving towards home-office without proper preparation can be difficult. Our training and coaching programme Agile Home-Office helps organizing and prioritizing  work from home with agile methods – connected with your team. 
  • Learn in our Online Facilitator Trainings how to prepare and conduct interactive and engaging virtual team meetings. Our trainers master a broad spectrum of tools, e.g. Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, Teams.
  • Are you planning an important online event (project kick-off, conference, team meeting)? Get support on Online Facilitation. We take care of process, technology and logistics – so you can focus on the content!