The announcement of change is the easy part. It makes the leader look bold and decisive. Execution – actually getting change done – is more difficult, because no matter how compelling the facts, there will always be hesitation, rationalizations, debates, active or passive resistance, and distractions.

Change Management includes all the tasks and activities that need to be performed when
introducing and/or changing priorities, processes, structures, IT systems, strategies, values and behavior in organizations. In our dynamic world, changes cannot (and shouldn’t) be avoided, but they can be managed. This is exactly what Change Management is all about – the adjustments and shifts (should) take place within a guided, facilitated process.

The secret to leading organizational change is empathy. The people impacted by change (leadership, management, employees and other stakeholders) must not be left behind, but should be guided in exploring and participating in the change to understand, own, commit and succeed. Change Management builds on the fact that transformation processes follow similar phases, which are well researched and documented in academia and practice.
Designing, developing and establishing a change program needs to ensure that people, processesorganizational culture and systems are in sync.

Our tailor-made solutions include:

Change Program Design

Our successful change programs answer five basic questions: Where do we want to go? Why do we need to change? What practical steps do we need to take? How do we manage the journey? How do we build and keep momentum? With a portfolio of field-tested methodologies and tools, we design in co-creation a state of the art change program with clear and convincing communication strategies and participation of target groups. We use town-hall and classroom formats, digital communication and learning platforms to design, plan and execute ambitious change programs. Our job is to accompany you from the concept stage all the way to transformational and agile leadership.

Change Facilitation

Creating space for successful team work
together with you, we plan, guide and follow-up group events to ensure that the change is
introduced and executed with full participation, clear thinking, and buy-in from everyone. In many situations – particularly in difficult change processes – where people have different perspectives, interests and views, professional facilitation makes the difference between success and failure. Our
facilitators create the working space which is required for success and ensure that stakeholders become participants.