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We are an international consultancy supporting clients in various industries in achieving the change they seek. Our core competencies include three themes: Empower Teams, Execute Plans and Evolve Organizations. We achieve sustainable change through participatory programmes, as we co-create success with our clients rather than presenting off-the-shelf solutions. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that people, process, culture and systems are in sync.

Our team helps you to master transformation fast, in a structured and sustainable manner. In a world with many disruptive forces, it is critical for an organization’s success to deal with change effectively. Digitalization, globalization and Industry 4.0 require companies to adapt quicker than ever to new market conditions in order to remain competitive. With our Change Management expertise you can rest assured that your change program will be implemented effectively.

Ein Brettspiel erwies sich als sehr nützlich für die Entwicklung unserer Fähigkeiten, bei denen die Spieler lernen, Entscheidungen zu treffen, die sich auf das Ergebnis auswirken. Sie unternehmen verschiedene Schritte, probieren neue Taktiken aus, machen häufig Fehler und ziehen die notwendigen Schlussfolgerungen. So lehren die besten Brettspiele unsere Mitarbeiter, Verantwortung für ihre Entscheidungen zu übernehmen und keine Angst zu haben, nach einer Niederlage wieder von vorne zu beginnen.

Die Verwendung von Brettspielen bei der Entwicklung von Arbeitnehmern besteht auch darin, dass die Mitarbeiter während des Spiels lernen, einen Schritt weiter zu denken. In diesem Fall sprechen wir über Strategiespiele. Ein Mensch unternimmt nicht nur gedankenlos Schritte, sondern analysiert die Informationen sorgfältig und vergleicht sie mit seinem Aktionsplan.


because your organization needs to adapt and evolve

The difference is...

People, Process,
Culture and Systems in-sync

Hide and seek - déjà vu of my childhood in project management

When projects fail because ownership is not shared

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Hesse Consulting Group

3E is a registered trademark of Hesse Consulting Group GmbH. Our group supports organizations in identifying and achieving their ambitious goals.
With our comprehensive and co-creative approach 3E we are a catalyst for transformative change.

Working together towards ambitious goals is what drives us. Developing a working environment that empowers people and the organization to evolve in a constantly changing environment is as important as excellent execution – ensuring that actions translate into outcomes, quickly and sustainably.

Our Story

Established in 2017, the Hesse Consulting Group is an independent, international consulting group, which helps businesses and social organisations to manage change and to achieve the results they seek through facilitation of our field tested, holistic approach 3E.

Primary key to our success are well established and managed clients relationships. We are pragmatic about methodology and passionate about delivering results in co-creation with our clients. Our organizational culture, work ethics and core values create positive experiences for our clients. Well managed initiatives in corporation and partnership demonstrate positive impact on our client’s businesses.

Over the last years, our team has established together with our business partners a group of selected businesses, providing specialized consulting services to key clients in different sectors across Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

Our Leadership Team

Markus Hesse

As Executive Partner, Markus is responsible for corporate strategy, marketing and sales. Since 2000, he advises leading national and international organisations on matters such as strategy, and transformative change. Markus is author for the Euro-FH University (Hamburg) on Change Management. He is a member of the executive management at Direct Impact Group and CoThink Germany. Markus provides consulting services in German and English.

Hella Diehm

Hella is the Head of Corporate Development of our Group. She is responsible for bringing our strategy with people, process, culture, and systems of our international group of consultants in sync. Her main consulting areas are strategy implementation, PMO development, in-house PM Standards and development of trainings. Hella provides consulting services in German, English, French, and Russian.

Erich Schimmel

As Head of Product Development, Erich is responsible for the design, rollout and quality control of 3E consulting products in close collaboration with our clients and business model. His main consulting areas are operational excellence, agile project management as well as the optimization of production and back office processes. Erich provides consulting services in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our Values

We are passionate about helping people and organisations to achieve the change they seek. Our organizational culture is shaped by this purpose and by our values.

Our values influence our thinking and daily behaviour. They are realistic, clearly stated, aspirational and universal to our group’s work. The values are used routinely in decision making, priority setting, and implementation of all aspects of our work.

To achieve this they are regularly communicated within all parts of the group and role modelled by leadership, employed and freelance consultants.

Our Code of Conduct serves as ethical guideline, is shared with our clients and is an integral part of our consulting engagements.

We measure ourselves regularly against the effectiveness of their implementation.


We believe, genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action. Simon Sinek

Our consulting job does not stay at the conceptual level, but adds value to the client organisations by producing specific and measurable results that make a direct impact!


We demonstrate that complex problems need simple solutions.

The solutions that we provide are simple because in a dynamic world, where skill sets vary considerably, only simple solutions will get real results. It is much harder to provide clean and simple solutions but it is worth it!


Talent wins games, Teamwork wins Championships! We believe that one person alone cannot keep pace with the speed of innovation and change in todays disruptive environment.

Therefore we have a strong emphasis of team work, bringing together experts who complement each other.


New ideas come from diverse ways of seeing things. Diversity is more than any one gender, race, or ethnicity. It’s richly representative of all people, all backgrounds, and all perspectives. It is the entire human experience.

We want our Group to be a reflection of the world around us and strongly believe that our strength lies in differences, not in similarities.


Trusting relationships are not a matter of technique or tools but of character.

We demonstrate respect for others, trustworthiness, as well as personal and professional integrity. While our initiatives are pinpointed and time limited, the relationships with our clients are long term oriented.


We believe it’s not about us.

We are facilitators of change. Understanding that our clients know their business best and that they know what change will make the most impact within their mandate we work alongside them to unlock these ideas and turn them into positive change!

Our Brands

CoThink provides you with practical solutions for robust problem solving and prevention. With a strong emphasis on asking the right questions, CoThink helps you to make optimal use of the knowledge and experience of your employees.

Combining this with RATIOnal methods, a “learning by doing” philosophy and years of practical experience, the team offers all the services required to develop processes, attitudes and skills you need to achieve the highest levels of performance in problem solving & prevention.

3E supports clients in various industries in achieving the change they seek. Our core competencies include three themes: Empower Teams, Execute Plans and Evolve Organizations. We achieve sustainable change through participatory programmes, as we co-create success with our clients rather than presenting off-the-shelf solutions. 

Our approach is holistic, ensuring that PEOPLE, PROCESS, CULTURE and SYSTEMS are in sync.

Especially for Covid-19 Response we have developed a set of specialised services.

Direct Impact Group is an international consultancy, specialized in maximizing social impact. The global team supports clients to develop their organization, to engage in partnerships and to accelerate impact. Experienced consultants have track records in creating social impact. They know from first hand experience in non-profit organisations as well as businesses, what it means to turn strategic ideas into transformative change. The interventions are designed to get to the heart of the issue and deliver clean, simple solutions.

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